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Blue Paint Choices

Blue Paint Choices

The majority of Cobras are painted blue.  The originals raced in blue so that was the color that made them famous.  This page is a selection of various colors:

1. Guardsman Blue

2. Ford Royal Blue

3. Lexus Blue

4. Viper Blue

5. Jag Blue

6. BMW Blue

7. Dodge Patriot Blue

8. Volvo Black Sapphire Metallic

9. Ford 1965 Portifino Blue

10. Ford Sonic Blue

11. Ford Deep Wedgwood Blue

So here are the pictures:

1. 1965 Ford Guardsman Blue

Here is Superperformance's Guardsman Blue:


2. Ford Royal Blue

Car No. 1 Sergio's

-Royal Blue Hint: 

"Blue is a common color to have this (light spot) problem with. the best way to avoid this is to have the correct base color of primer prior to spraying. you want a shade slightly darker than the color. I spray all dark blues with a black base. it takes 3 coats to cover. if you start with a light gray, you will need 6-8 coats of base to cover. now that you have sprayed it, did you clear it as well? if so, go ahead and sand it with 600. lay 2-3 more coats of base, then re-clear it. after the 2nd coat of base, let it cure about a half hour. check it closely to make sure you have covered the sand scratches. if not, lay one more coat. that should do it. you will want to do all of your parts with the same base primer that you did the car with to make sure it matches, so don't use black like I use at this point. to make sure that the color covers and looks right on your parts, spray 4 coats and let it cure. then color sand it with 600 and spray 2-3 more coats and clear. hope this helps. cheers, SRP"

Royal Blue Car No. 2, Eddie Ashleman

"My painter finished car and mounted body at his shop Friday before Christmas. This is the Ford KM6479 High Pearl version of the 1995 special edition Merc Cougar Royal Blue Metallic Clearcoat. According to the PPG formula, they used 1 full qt. can of blue pearl and a gallon of clear. He e-mailed me 5 shots, taken out in the sun. To help anyone else, I have the very detailed paint formulas. They are too complex to post. I have US mailed Xerox copies to a couple interested folks. I first went to Dupont who carried two versions of the KM paint. My wife has a special edition '95 Cougar with this paint. I always noticed that regular Cougars & TBirds of that year were blue metallic, but not near the same amount of pearl or shine as my wife's. Dupont confirmed that there were two versions of the KM series. One was Ford Royal Blue Metallic Clear and the other was Ford Royal Blue Metallic Pearl Clear. When I finally found my painter of choice, he was bound by a contract with PPG who had installed all his equipment. So, I worked with the local PPG auto paint supplier who researched with PPG and came up with this color. The printout he gave me is a dot-matrix and too faint to fax and too complicated to retype. For 37 cent stamp, I'm happy to Xerox and mail both the Dupont and PPG formulas to anyone who wants them." Eddie Ashleman mailto:ashleman@texasfirst.com

Car No. 3 Royal Blue

Kenny's E-M in Aloha, Oregon 1-18-03

3. Lexus Blue

Wayne Presley's car:

"The color on Wayne's pics is late model Toyota Lexus Spectra Blue mika brand is PPG type is DBU paint code is 5473 it is slightly lighter then ford royal blue. Another great blue is 2001 ford sonic blue pearl, PPG, DBC code#5960 a little darker with even more pearl we just painted Bwana's FFR and it is awesome this may become the next color of choice. Good luck J.Miller Customs"

or "Intensa Blue" http://www.lexus.com/showroom/model/is_5speed_exterior_color.html#

4. Viper Blue (below)

1997 Viper GTS blue pearl coat metallic SBE-PBE

5. Jag Pacific Blue (below) code JHM

6. BMW Aegean Blue (below)

7. Dodge Patriot Blue (below)

"You are all correct. It is Dave Smith's car and I/we did build it. It is patriot blue pearl. A 2002 dodge color seen most commonly on Durango's and minivans. I don't have the codes but it is not hard to find. Hope this helps. Cheers Richard."

"We used the stock color. The pearl is by definition metal flake. The color is a pearl coat and the way the stock color is applied is how we did it. The difference in the look of the color is only the shape of the body. Believe me it is the same color as a minivan. Just get the minivan in the right light and you can tell it is the same color. Hope this helps. Cheers Richard"

Richard Oben FFR builder

8. Volvo Dark Blue (below)


"That's a 2002 Volvo color "Black Sapphire Metallic" code 042 I think. I'll double check if you want.
It's actually darker than it looks in the pic. There was a bright blue sky that day." Racing Rob

9. Ford 1965 Portifino Blue

10. Ford Sonic Blue

11. Ford Deep Wedgwood Blue

Tom Schomberg's 2000 Ford F250 

Jim Creasy's FFR Roadster


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