Koni Shock/Spring Installation


OK, the day was mostly spent installing the new Koni system. It went ok, except these issues:

1. Fronts: do not fit pin drive arms, there is interference around the shock base spring collar as it is slightly too short.

Solution: relieve the base parts.


Final fit fine: no interference, stroked system without spring.

2. Rears: adjusting ride height is impossible without additional tools. The sleeve around the shock rotates with the adjusting collar. 
(Unlike the PRO shocks that have a threaded body.) 
Solution: I guess a spring compressor or a leather strap around the sleeve to hold it still while tightening the collar down on the spring.

PS: assembled snug by hand, the rear tires hit the fenders! So, it's going to take a lot of (spring compression) adjustment to raise it 1-2" or so.

It would be nice if a set screw would hold the sleeve against the shock body so the collar can be adjusted with the PRO tool. 
(The PRO tool fits the adjusting collar, by the way.) 

Spent several hours today (Saturday 6/23/07) removing the Koni system and adjusting the ride height in the rear. 
I would say it would be impossible to adjust ride height with the Koni's in place...too much spring tension for the adjuster to work with a collar 
that slips.

With the help of my brother-in-law, we were able to tighten the spring enough for a 4.5" rear ride height. 
That was accomplished using a spring compressor and tightening the collar to 3.75" threads showing (total exposed sleeve).
Went for a short spin, rides "firmer" and now no "zip" of the rear 295/50x15's on dips! 
The shocks definitely firmer and much more control on bumps and especially dips. 
The 500 lb/inch fronts and 750 lb/inch rear springs on the IRS seem to be perfect match for the shocks. (Shocks front and rear same)

Had to adjust the front VPM's to 2nd-to-firmest position because the Koni has a "bump" on one side and the spacers worked better 
in the forward position. Left the rear VPM's on the 3rd-to-firmest setting...seems ok for now with street tires. Maybe w track tires 
may need to adjust rear VPM's to a firmer setting; we'll see Aug 30 at Miller's Track here in Utah.

First impressions:
- Fronts more challenging to install than expected
- Rears much harder to adjust ride height than expected.
- Ride appears excellent
- Flatter in corners
- Much better on dips

Next steps:
- Check and adjust front ride height
- Have front alignment professionally done 
- Track test 
1. Adjusted fronts ride height to 3.75", both sides
2. Rear was 4.5 right and 4.25 left, so removed and adjusted another 1 turn (1/8" at the shock).
Not much threads left:
PRO Coil/Over's FOR SALE
Just removed a set of PRO shocks:
- Good condition
- 15,850 miles
- Clean
- Fit FFR Roadster w IRS
- Stock spring rates
- Nice design: threads for adjust collar built into shock housing
- Strong shaft, no history of breakage

Thinking worth $275 for the set of 4 maybe.
6/28/07 Update:
PRO Shocks sold to Iggy.
July 6, 2007
Got 500 lb springs from Griff.
Decided to replace 750's on the rear.
Same 2.5" id, but 10" instead of 8"
Got them installed on the shocks.
Can adjust without spring compressor.
1.75" threads yielded 4.5" ride height w 295/50x15 Goodyear tires
IRS MkII pin drive.
Test rode 30 miles: work extremely well.
July 11-13, 2007 Drove 840 miles on "Tour Utah"; work perfectly.
Aug 11 morning adjusted ride height: 4.5 rear 4" front
Aug 11 afternoon, put on NASCAR scales.
Total weights:
Note perfect rear balance, 54.9% rear weight.
2356 lbs total.
Cross weights:
Note near perfect cross weights: 50.2%
No adjustment needed!
Scales thanks to John Scarf at his place.