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Sheet Metal

Installing Sheet Metal Panels

On 12/26/02 Mr. Ron Story of Lake Oswego arrived at about 1:30 PM and we began the task of installing the sheet metal.  After some patient explaining and reasoning, we decided that the best way to begin was as per the FFR manual: install the driver's side floor panel first.

So, thanks to Ron, we had a method.  To seal each panel, we opted to use the SOFAST Technology double-sided tape.  Ron said compared to silicone, this was easy as there is no rush on setting.  Make sure panel fits, mark holes, apply take, apply panel, drill holes, and rivet.  We started in the middle and worked out so as to not have any bubbles or warpage.  The panels tend to tighten up the whole structure and together make pretty strong boxes for feet, engine, tranny, trunk, etc.

So, on 12-27-02 with the help of sons Griff visiting from American Fork, Utah, and Blake visiting from Phoenix, Arizona...we installed panels 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6.

Over the tranny, inside cockpit

Footbox, driver's side, floor

Driver's side footbox inside and Master Cylinder side

Footbox, driver's side, outer

Panels Driver's side

Panels ready for engine install; 1-24-03

Steering shaft cover, "inside the box"

2/20/03 Trans cover shifter hole needs adjusting:

Made a 6" x 6" alum panel with 4" hole to rivet in place.

Expanded existing shifter hole.

New 6x6 plate attached 8 rivets.  

Added rear fins.

Added lower and upper trunk floor plates.  

Small inside rear wall covers go on after floor.  They tuck inside slightly, but rest on top the lower floor.

Tabs that cover openings in upper cover (IRS cars only) go on after floor.  Note rivets horizontal only, no angles.  Builder's option.

Rear cockpit panels, trial fit.

Best sequence for rear cockpit sheet metal (trail fit):

- 1. Trans cover rear section

- 2. Triangle to floor-to-trans cover

- 3. Rear cockpit wall

-4. Upper outer triangle

- 5. Lower outer panel, wall to door.

The idea of this sequence is to keep most tabs inside the cockpit area, to keep the outside clean.  The inside tabs will be covered with carpet.  Rivet from the outside where possible for a better look from the outside.

3/28/03...finally finished Aluminum Sheet Metal panlels.

Now adding rubber seal 3/29/03 so body can be installed.

The last sheet metal installed was the under-door pieces, after the body was on;

Side view



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