SOFAST Racing Technology

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    Supplier of building assistance on FFR roadsters, coupes, & spec racers, including:

        1. Complete projects, turnkey.  basic, medium, or high end.

        2. Partial projects, i.e. finish a started project

        3. Paint services - complete, basic to high end

        4. Engine services - complete including dyno testing and tuning, or high tech parts like special pans, shrouds, etc.

        5. Finishing parts like emblems, shifters, motor mounts, etc.

        6. Consultation



    30255 Hwy 34

    Albany, OR 97321

    Phone: 541-928-5858  Fax: 541-928-9068




Car #48 with a 4.6 Cobra engine:

And here is the engine bay with 600 HP:

And here is the rear wheels:

17 x 11 PS Engineering polished GT-40 wheels, 5-lug, 5-spoke with 315 tires:

Here is a picture without body:

Check out those brake lines on the x-frame; powder coated blue.  Note full functioning power steering.

Fox width rear narrowed 3" per side:

Powder coated Tarmec transmission.


Custom pan so 4.6 fits FFR roadster; a stocked part for SOFAST.

Would you believe 4-wheel functional ABS ??

Chrome lower control arms give that clean look!

Shrink fittings on radiator tubes.

Nice small sidepipe hanger.

And here is car #84:

which won Hot August Nights 1st place 2 years in a row!

Nice 5.0 engine, clean layout, intake painted "near chrome", polished panels.

Enough gauges? Note Mustang turn signal stalk hanging down under turn signal indicators.

Like race wheels?

See the Cobra brakes?

Farra Snook at Hillsboro, June 7, 2003